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From September 2016


Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
RMW Mrs Argent/Mrs Warwick Mrs Hood
RVR Miss Racic Mrs Churchill
RHK Mrs Hartless/Mr Kelsey Mrs Simpson
RSP Mrs Shipley/Mrs Peever Mrs Young/Mrs Leeder

Additional TA Support Mrs Adams/ Mrs Leeder

EYFS Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Elmer the elephant Comparing UK to Africa 3D Shapes
The Gruffalo Giraffes Can't Dance Solar System
All about me and my family Waterproof Materials Tansport
Funny bones and skeletons Water Cycle Tennis
Autumn and Hedgehogs Hot and Cold Climates Tricky Sounds

Surgery Times


If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available either between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm or 8.00-8.30 am on the following days. You do not have to book an appointment.

RMW Mrs Warwick and Mrs Argent- Wednesday am
RHK Mrs Hartless/Mr Kelsey - Wednesday am
RSP Mrs Shipley/Mrs Peever -
Wednesday am

RVR Miss Racic - Wednesday am




New Parents Induction Evening (children starting school September 2017)  

7pm at Northwick Manor Primary School






The children are thoroughly enjoying this terms topics.  We have studied the weather taking about hot and cold climates and identifying countries in atlases and on globes.  There have been weather forecasts and using a computer we have used a piece of software to dress a character in suitable out fits.




Our dinosaur topic always creates a great deal of excitement.  We have sorted our herbivores from the carnivores and found out their scientific names and discussed how these gigantic beasts roamed our plant many millions of years ago.



We continue with our daily lessons on phonics and in maths we have been looking at weight and length and the terminology used.


The children have enjoyed their Forest School sessions and our stir fry whilst celebrating Chinese New Year.



Our music focus has been working on control/rhythm and tempo using the chime bars.



Mrs Warwick invites all the children who have shown good progress with their writing during the week to a tea party.





All the children have settled in well and are becoming more independent when organising their coats, book bags etc and learning to sit quietly and listen carefully to instructions.


We hope you have been looking at your child’s learning journey (  Please feel free to share photos from home and add comments.


We have enjoyed our work on Room on a Broom and Superhero’s. We are working on fine motor skills in our handwriting.





Our all About Me looked at how we have grown up and how we are all different especially Elmer the Elephant! 






We have investigated our senses tasting, smelling, listening to sounds.




We touched on the history of Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes and learnt how to stay safe and created beautiful bonfire night pictures using a computer drawing package.




We have looked at nocturnal animals focusing on the  hedgehog.   We understand how hedgehogs protect themselves, what  they eat and what they get up to in winter!!




We have talked about and created many Autumn based items as we watch the beautiful trees in our school grounds change colour and tried to catch the falling leaves.




As Christmas approaches we will be looking at 3D shape and parcels. 



The whole school and families were treated to the wonderful performances of 'It's a Baby'.  Considering the children have only been in school for one term, their confidence and stage presence was outstanding.  What a lovely way to start Christmas.




Northwick Manor Primary Early Years Online Learning Journal

Link to Tapestry website




EYFS classes will be participating in Forest School this year. 

Whatever the weather...........!!!!




We will advise you when Forest School sessions are to begin.  We hope to start after half term once the children have settled in, however they will definitely be on a regular day after Christmas.

RHK - Tuesday
RMW - Tuesday
RVR - Thursday

RSP - Thursday


Phase 2 Letters and Sounds

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds


Please visit this excellent educational website which the school subscribes to allowing all pupils free home access.  The logon details are the same as those used to logon to the computers in school and should be familiar to your child.  All activity is recorded, please encourage children to use it responsibly, it is a valuable learning tool.


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Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done, and more.