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Sporting Activities

King's School Swimming Fun Gala


A team of 10 swimmers took part in the King's School Swimming Fun Gala on 4th October with other schools.  The emphasis of the Gala was to have 'fun', and our swimmers certainly enjoyed themselves.


They took part in a variety of relay activities working as a team.  Balls were pushed across the pool, they sat on woggles and rode them like a bike and to finish off, much to the swimmers delight, they were given tea at the end of the Gala.


Many thanks to Mrs King and Mrs Mason for transporting and supporting the children at this event


Year 4 Primary Schools Gala



On Friday 6th May, Year 4 took part in the Primary Schools Swimming Gala at Sansome Walk Swimming Pool. They competed against sixteen other schools to win the competition with an outstanding lead.  This result was all the more impressive as the children had spent the previous three days at Malvern Outdoor centre, taking part in dawn to dusk physical challenges, only returning an hour before the competition!!!


This is the fourth consecutive year Northwick Manor have won the competition. 


A massive well done to the children, we are very proud of you.

Sainsburys Worcester Schools Swimming Gala




On Friday 11th March a Year 5/6 swimming team took part in the Sainsburys Worcester Schools Swimming Gala.  They competed against eleven other schools to win the Gala, with an outstanding lead, for the third consecutive year. They won ten of the thirteen events and were never outside the first three placing's.


They now represent Droitwich and Worcester in the Sainsbury Worcestershire Games at Bromsgrove in July.  We won the trophy in 2014 and runners up in 2015.  A massive well done to our talented children and a huge thank you to Mrs King and members of staff who support the children at these events.  We are very proud of all of you.