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'We are a buzzing friendly school and we aim to
raise our game in all that we do'

We are a thriving community school in Worcester which boast excellent facilities and superb school grounds.  All school stakeholders are committed to making Northwick Manor an outstanding school.

The words of our school anthem (link below) exemplifies our school ethos and the whole school vision that we all foster.  We work hard and play hard in all that we do.

We benefit from enormous encouragement and support from the parents/carers of our pupils as well as the wider community. 

The  future is one of constant change.  We face every new challenge with optimism, as reflected in our slogan 'Raising Our Game', so that the children in our care leave us equipped to be responsible, independent and confident young people.  Our school is built on partnerships of all kinds and ultimately our aim is to be one of Worcester's outstanding schools.




Our 'Raising Our Game' School Anthem
Lyrics and Music by Gail Kainey


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