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Year 6

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Teaching Team from September 2018

Class Teacher Learning Assistant
6TL Mrs Lawrence Mrs Lewis
6AD Mrs Davies Mrs Warburton
6RL Mr Leighfield Mrs Garlick


Year 6 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Residential French Trip Evolution & Inheritence/Light North & South America
History of WW2/Good Night Mr Tom/Lindy Hop Civil War in Worcester Year 6 Production
Living Things and their habitats including Humans

SATS Preparation

Movable Vehicles
DT: Door Stops Sketching 2D & 3D Buildings Bell boating Regatta
Severn Valley Railway trip RE Electricity
Art of Henry Moore Gym/Invasion Games Pop Art & Picasso

Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.


6TL - Tuesday

6RL - Tuesday

6AD - Tuesday







The year 6 teaching team welcomed the children into their final year at Northwick Manor and what a year it will be with brilliant trips, topics and shows.




Everyone designed and made their own doorstop from a selection of templates.  


Our coffee morning enterprise gives us an opportunity to raise funds for the British Legion and to show case the fabulous models children and their families have created for homework, show off our slick Lindy Hop moves and ‘entertain the troops’ with a medley of wartime songs and poetry.
















The science of living things and the habitats of animals, including humans, began with classification and identification.







The very popular History of WW2 began with a trip to the Severn Valley Heritage Museum where the children gained an insight into life on the home front and dressed as refuges they boarded a train and were ‘transported back in time’. 
















All of the children have had a French experience this week.  Here is a snapshot of some of the activities which included spoken French, recreating artwork, challenge to build the tallest, robust Eifel Towers out of newspaper, sports, food tasting and participating in a French Cafe.  This gave them further opportunities to practise their language skills.




































Year 6 welcomed children from the French school l'ècole adriatique in Reims.  6TL have been corresponding with the students and enjoyed meeting and spending time with them. The French students experienced a day in an English school and an opportunity for everyone to practise conversing in a different language.  We learnt that French children spend 7 hours a week learning English!!





During French lessons this half term the children have chosen a French speaking country  to research and create a Francophonie fact file about. The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about other countries from all over the world, especially sharing unusual facts and discovering which other countries actually use French as one of their official languages. Bravo les enfants.




It wasn't quite the final act of the Year 6 cohort but what a wonderful way to leave us with amazing images and memories of the performance they gave.  





This term we have been studying Kensuke’s Kingdom written by Michael Morpurgo. We have studied the characters in depth and written varying accounts from their view point. There have been messages in bottles, newspaper reports and our own alternative ending.




In our history topic we are looking at the Civil War, where it would appear on a timeline, and its impact on our city of Worcester.  We will be creating wanted posters recruiting for both Roundhead and Royalist soldiers. We are extending our learning with a visit to The Commandry, a building steeped in history, particularly the Civil War, which is a great day out and will undertake a number of different workshops.




We will look at the architecture of a variety of buildings in Worcester and focus on our sketching and watercolour skills to create a mixed media piece.




In science we we will be looking at evolution and family similarities. We will scrutinise fossils and looked at what we can learn from them.


We have learnt to play Somewhere Only We Know on the chime bars as part of our musical study of rhythm. We have also looked at William Tell’s Overture and learnt to sing the Cupcake Song Pitch Perfect.


In Computer Science we have created a flow diagram to operate a double set of traffic lights. We have  covered topics ranging from, respectful communication on the internet and are regularly reminded of our digital footprint.  We had a great time researching the main components of a computer and opened up a variety of machines and were able to identify them correctly.  We also traced the network cables from our computers through the various switches to the main server and then talked about how the school was connected to the world wide web. 






We started the year with a fabulous trip to France.  This is an educational visit which encourages independence, responsibility and cultural awareness and includes a fun day at Disneyland Paris.



During the trip the children were treated to a French Medieval display, toured the highlights of Paris, climbed the Eifel Tower, spent a day at Disneyland and a visit to the imposing Vimy Ridge Memorial and trenches.


Our mantle this term is WW11.  We have studied the text of Goodnight Mr Tom written by Michelle Magorian, Anne Frank and other wartime literature.   We have used these books in many of our literacy lessons to inspire us to create a number of different text styles including our own diary extracts.










Whilst researching the war we have focused on evacuation and dressed in the clothes of the day as we enjoyed a trip to the Bewdley Museum to see appreciate what children’s home life was like during the war, the role of Anderson shelters and the types of games children played.







We will be designing and making doorstops in our DT project thinking about the ‘make do and mend’ ethos and our art topic has been inspired by the work of Henry Moore the commissioned war artist.







Our coffee morning enterprise gives us an opportunity to raise funds for the British Legion and to show case the fabulous models children and their families have created for homework, show off our slick lindy hop moves and ‘entertain the troops’ with a medley of wartime songs and poetry.