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Celebrating Diversity



At Northwick we aim to inspire our children to develop self-confidence and be brave enough to discuss diversity. We are preparing the ground for the links to other areas of the curriculum into Key Stage 2. Our Celebrating Diversity Curriculum is KS1 has been specially designed for our catchment area, it covers many of the broader ideas in a multicultural society so the children receive a rich insight to other cultures they may not necessarily come across. Children are encouraged to think about fairness, tolerance and equality. It is imperative that children “walk in someone else shoes” to develop empathy. Rich texts are a starting point for exploring a range of diversity questions. We review and consolidate our knowledge each lesson through the use of a class portfolio, annotating our discussion and understanding as we go. The children are able to experience the diverse world we live in and celebrate equality in all forms. The use of question stems “What would it be like” give the children an opportunity to think about how others may live and explore inequalities in the world. Themes of tolerance, fairness, empathy are the main drivers for each body of work. This goes hand in hand with the Government initiative to teach children the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance.