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Pupils Capable of Excellence in School Subjects

At Northwick Manor Primary we aim to allow all children to develop to their full potential. For some children they may be making exceptional progress within a curriculum area or extra-curricular activity. It is our aim to celebrate and encourage these achievements within school and allow opportunity for further development. Our school values strongly support children working well above expected standards. “Raising our Game” and themes such as “Taking a Risk” encourage children to stretch themselves beyond their normal comfort zones. Much of the provision for children working well above expected standards is provided by appropriate use of differentiation of tasks and activities within the class. In addition these children may visit other schools, including local high schools for challenge workshops, have additional support from external visitors or extension projects which encourage their independent learning and resourcefulness. In maths children working well above expected levels are placed in accelerated groups in years 4, 5 and 6 which enables greater levels of challenge to be presented to our most able learners. In foundation subjects children are encouraged to use their skills to enhance the experiences of other children by working along-side others in a coaching role and through exemplary performance.