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At Northwick Manor we teach PSHE with 3 key driving questions in mind:


How can we prepare our pupils to live in the wider world?

How can we ensure that they build and sustain strong relationships?

How can we teach them to live healthily and make good life choices?


Instilling AMBITION and ASPIRATION, providing OPPORTUNITY and developing PERSONAL POWER drives our curriculum. We want our pupils to be ready and prepared for a 21st Century world and the challenges that come with this.


At Northwick Manor Primary School, we acknowledge the importance of PSHE in aspects of everyday life. The PSHE (RSE) curriculum is designed so that it is accessible to all and supports every pupil’s personal, emotional, social and mental well-being. This in turn helps them develop the skills to be better learners and every child then knows more, remembers more and connects learning. It is important that our PSHE learners understand what it means to be a global citizen living in the wider world.


We strive to give children a diverse range of experiences to allow them to appreciate and value different people, families and cultures. PSHE (RSE) by nature explores children's feelings, relationships and understanding of how important it is to become a responsible, active member of society. The aim of our curriculum is to create learners who are empathetic and effective communicators. We do this through carefully planning and teaching quality lessons which allow children the opportunity to work collaboratively, value the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and promote wellbeing for all ages. Most importantly we want children to appreciate our world and work towards it being inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


Northwick Manor’s extended curriculum is developed further by using the UN sustainable goals as the impetus so that we ensure that pupils know and understand how they can be proactive global citizens and develop as responsible, respectful and tolerant individuals who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults in an ever-changing world. We want them to be responsible citizens and so the principles found within the UN sustainable goals provide an additional layer to our curriculum and feature in our broader extended curriculum i.e. through assemblies and whole school events, as well as a thread running through PSHE. Our overall curriculum design is underpinned by our school aims which focus on the 7 R’s which enable our pupils in our community to thrive and become confident and independent learners.