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PHSE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)


This is a very important area of education, which is interwoven through all aspects of the curriculum.  Lessons cover a wide range of topics including hygiene, safety, personal relationships and deals with issues important to the child in today's world.  The well-being of all children is inherent in all that we do to achieve high standards at Northwick Manor Primary School.  We also have a strong commitment to health and safety.

Healthy Schools:  A whole school approach to healthy eating and drinking has been adopted.  We actively promote healthy nutritious food and drink and provide opportunities to learn about diet, nutrition, food safety and hygiene throughout the curriculum.



Travel Plan:  The school has put together a Travel Plan to support the work in ‘Healthy Schools’.  We aim to encourage children to walk to school or, in Year 6, to cycle, which will reduce traffic on the roads. 


Sex Education: In Reception Year and KS1 we lay the foundations for the future learning about sexuality and sexual reproduction; there is, however, no formal policy specifically for sex education for this age group.  Sex Education is introduced as part of the Health Programme in Year 5 and 6 by the class teachers supported by our visiting doctor.  Parents are informed beforehand and teaching materials, which may be used, are available for parents to view before they are shown or used with the children.  Parents are more than welcome to have a copy of the Sex Education and Relationships Policy.  This can be obtained from the policy section of this website.  Children can be withdrawn from these lessons if parents wish.



Bullying: Bullying includes both physical and psychological intimidation and can cause considerable unhappiness to individual children.  It also has a negative effect on the ethos of a school. As adults we deal immediately with all incidents of bullying.  We always ensure that bullying incidents are investigated fully and both sides of the argument have a fair hearing.  Children are always encouraged to seek help.  We let “bullies” know that their behaviour is unacceptable.  Any punishment is carefully explained and why it is being given.  Should a problem begin to develop the school would inform parents at once and invite them into school to discuss the matter.


Our behaviour code, our belief in creating a positive environment and our Personal, Social and Health Education programme provides a framework that states clearly to children their school cares about them and bullying will not be tolerated.


The introduction of citizenship into the curriculum will develop in children an ability to evaluate their responsibilities, rights and duties as individuals and members of communities.  This equips them with essential skills to take through life.Our Anti-bullying Policy can be found on our policies page.