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Physical Education



At Northwick Manor Primary School, it is our intent to engage and develop the whole child, giving them knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can create positive relationships with physical activity. We recognise the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment and a unique and fully inclusive PE curriculum to enable our children to flourish not only physically but also emotionally, spiritually, socially and morally. Our curriculum has been organised through the disciplines of dance, gym, multi-skills, games, athletics, swimming and outdoor learning. During these activities, the children gain the disciplinary and substantive knowledge needed so that year by year they can build on prior learning and add to their skillset. They learn the rules associated with games, tactics, they can select equipment appropriate for their ability and are able to evaluate their own and others performance. In some disciplines we have created learning opportunities which directly connect to other subject areas such as history and geography so that the children’s learning is always meaningful e.g. The Lindy Hop dance in Year 6 linked to their WW2 topic. Through stimulating and motivating teaching and learning opportunities, the children also gain the disciplinary and substantive knowledge they need to be able to progress and develop. Through the instructions we provide, the demonstrations we give and knowledge we convey our children will become confident and competent in the disciplines we deliver.


The personal attributes that we aim to develop though PE reflect our whole school 7 R’s. For example, it is vital that children develop the resilience needed in order to achieve their personal best. They need to be adventurous risk-takers, have the versatility to build relationships within teams but also perform alone. We also aim to embed values such as fairness, respect and good sportsmanship. We want to teach children how to cope with both success and failure and encourage positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives.