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The Rivers C of E Multi Academy Trust

The Rivers C of E Multi Academy Trust




The Rivers C. of E. Academy Trust Charter
Vision and Goals

Our vision is encapsulated in the words: ‘love, learn, live’.

Our goal is that learners will love learning for life.

In reaching this goal, our family of schools love, learn and live together, guided by strong beliefs, moral purpose and faith.

We are committed to nurturing all our learners - children and adults, represented by:
the head (knowledge), hand (skills) and most importantly the heart (beliefs, values, attitudes, positive habits and behaviours). In our academy our heart is strong and is integral to our moral and religious character.

We will achieve our vision if:

  • The community is passionate about learning.

  • Everyone’s point of view is heard and appreciated.

  • The curriculum is engaging, inspiring and challenging for all learners.

  • Children experience outstanding learning and teaching enabling them to excel within a vibrant, happy and safe learning environment.

A Culture of Collaboration

The Rivers Academy Trust will be a connected learning community where:

  • Collaboration is key to providing the best learning opportunities through a meaningful curriculum where children and adults acquire the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to prepare and strengthen them for their role in society: today, tomorrow and in the future.


Climate Is Around Us – Culture is Part of Us:

We are a family of schools that celebrate our individual character. Our schools may have different systems, pedagogies and climates, but we aim to share the same learning culture. Fundamentally, we understand the need to focus on learning and the impact of teaching.

STAR Values:

Our shared culture is driven by shared values and core principles. Shared values steer our academies towards our best picture vision. Our moral purpose and faith is real and is communicated through our words and deeds. By living our values we will love the learning journey.

Sharing (reflecting together, collaboration, relationships, communication, responsive, synergy)

Trust (openness, transparency, faith, support, family, democratic, supportive challenge, beyond the ego, clarity, no conflict of


Achievement (high aspirations and expectations, progress, standards, the best we can be, independent, sense of pride,

feeling valued, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, academic, fulfilled)

Respect (tolerance, inclusive, appreciate difference and the need for change, embrace views of all members of the community,

British values)

Safety (well being, healthy body and mind, secure and confident, develop character, everyone aware and prepared,

developing growth mindset, resilience, grit, facing challenges, risk taking)


Responsibility and Accountability

The Rivers C of E Academy Trust is a family of schools bound together by:

  • A commitment towards the common vision through embracing the core values

  • A board of Directors that is committed to developing and strengthening a culture of collaboration

  • A board of Directors that adheres to the legal responsibilities towards inspiring individual excellence for all learners across the Trust.

Compliance and Statutory Duties for Websites.


Please visit the Rivers CofE Website for Annual Reports and accounts, Trustee Names, Funding Agreement etc.