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Raising Our Game

The 7 R's at Northwick Manor Primary School

At Northwick Manor Primary School we encourage children to focus on developing specific learning attitudes. We call these The 7 R's.




Risk Taking
Readiness to Learn


Each half term the school has a 7R focus: Our weekly congratulations assembly celebrates pupil's achievements with that particular learning attitude.

We also also have a half termly 'Worker Bee' assembly that is used as a time of reflection. Children are able to post examples of how they have developed one of the 7 R's into our colourful post boxes. The school is then able to celebrate the successes of those children.

We include PSHE sessions linked directly to each of the 7 R's and also make explicit links with each of the learning attitudes to our behaviour zone board.

Each classroom has a display that outlines each of the 7R's and the teacher's and teaching assistants will often refer to it as a way of encouraging the children to develop these attitudes in and our of the classroom.