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House Points


At Northwick Manor Primary School we operate a House point system which works in conjunction with the schools behaviour policy. Every child is allocated a ‘house’ named after sporting teams in Worcester, namely Warriors, Faithful, Rapids and Wolves. Siblings are in the same house.


We feel that children benefit greatly from having a sense of belonging to a house team. It enables them to work with other children around the school and motivates them with a sense of healthy competition.


Each term staff plan events which gives children an opportunity to win house points. These could be sporting or academic activities. House points are also linked to the Think 5 reward system as any completed chart awards the child 10 house points. Sports day in the summer term is also closely linked to this and children compete for their house. We organise house assemblies to celebrate successes and each is led by a house captain from Year 6. Staff are also allocated a house. House points are collected regularly and displayed for all to see. After each term, the winning house receive a reward and are presented with a trophy.


House Captain duties


Two house captains are elected by staff for each house.


They will have the following responsibilities:


  • Be a leader for the house in whole school events
  • Be a good behaviour role model for the whole house and school
  • Represent the house and receive prizes on behalf of the house.