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Head Boy and Head Girl:



In 2013 Northwick Manor Primary School created the roles of Year 6 - Head Boy, Head Girl and a Deputy Head boy and girl. Their role was to be ambassadors for the school for a year.


This is how the process takes place.


All children in Year 6 are invited to apply, and  are provided with a job description and application form.


The Head Teacher and the Year 6 teachers shortlist  the children, and 12 pupils are asked to prepare a short presentation lasting no longer than 5 minutes. The selected candidates deliver a presentation to the Year 6 children, teachers, Head Teacher, Deputy Head and a School Governor. The all Year 6 children then vote for their favourite presentation.


In accordance with our child protection policy we do not name the successful candidates.



Roles undertaken 2019


Our team have helped with the monitoring of Science and PE.  This involved interviewing children from across the school and gaining their opinions on the subject.


Interviewed a selection of children in years 2 and 3 regarding their new Math's sets and whether they liked the change. 


They are about to  review the use of the  7 R’s with Mr Harris. 


Were interviewed by an inspector during the mock Ofsted and asked about British Values, in particularly tolerance and spoke about what they considered were the best things about Northwick Manor Primary.


They are regular speakers at parent evening events.