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'Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the websites provided are suitable for children, Northwick Manor Primary School cannot accept any responsibility or liability for errors which have occurred.  It is recommended that you always check websites prior to using them with your children to ensure their service meet your requirements'.




Investigating art Investigating art Investigating art Investigating art:- A site about how to create murals. Videos show different painting techniques, plus slideshows of children working. Find out how artists use colour, line, shape, balance & space. A site for upper key stage two. Children have to solve the mystery of Grandpa’s painting by following the clues and answering questions. A site with videos, activities, workshops, information & galleries of work.


Art Galleries Art Galleries Art Galleries Art Galleries:- Find images of great paintings, organised in different ways, learn about artists and try out some of the interactive activities. Online access to a collection of British art from 1500 onwards and international modern art. The children’s part of the Washington DC national gallery. A good collection of things to do with a huge collection of pictures and objects from all over the world.


Art Techniques:-




BBC Bitesize has excellent clips explaining many of the subject areas we cover in the Computer Science.




The Children use the following sites during Computing lessons




Google Interland

This is a useful site for parents and children to spend sometime on discussing how to stay safe online.


You might also enjoy these sites

Lego Bricks Coding:

LightBot Coding -

Dance Mat Typing -






Please click on this link to view our 'I can' statements and information on various subject areas in the Curriculum area of the website




Geraldine Giraffe: Type Geraldine Giraffe into google and add the sound your child is learning.

Alphablocks: Type into google and add the sound your child is learning.

Phonics Play: Type into google.



Number Time: Type into google.

Number Blocks: Type into google - Numberblocks

ICT Games: Type into google and add the topic we are looking at.



We sing lots of songs; type into google (for example) days of the week song / Tricky word song / months of the year song / counting to 100 song

MUSIC Year 5 have used this.

www.bbcbitesize ks2 music - explore the main elements of music



This website includes ideas for fun, practical experiments, cool facts and online quizzes.

For example, did you know that rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads or that it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open!

This website contains lots of fun games to develop young children’s knowledge of Science.

HowStuffWorks is more for the teen or young adult, so some supervision will be needed to direct the younger children to the right information.

The site uses illustrations, charts, and graphs to explain the detailed workings of everything from light bulbs to weather phenomena, space craft to submarines, nuclear fission to how ice cubes melt.

This site illustrates how to make toys, using everyday materials, to demonstrate scientific principles.

News items—such as the decline of the population of honeybees and how forensic science is used to solve crimes—are explained with children in mind. The site is more appropriate for Upper Key Stage Two pupils although younger children can benefit from it with some adult interpretation

This site contains child-friendly information and videos about the different aspects of the Key Stage 1 Science curriculum.

This site contains child-friendly information and videos about the different aspects of the Key Stage 2 Science curriculum.

The National Geographic website is full to the brim with a vast amount of information on a whole host of subject areas including the environment, space, animals and even world music. A huge variety of photography is also available and would be great to help with projects and presentations. It’s the perfect resource for your child if they are interested in all things science and want to learn more about the world that surrounds them

Space buffs are sure to love the NASA for kids website. There is plenty of information for children of all ages, with footage from Mars and the International Space Station to interviews with astronauts alongside all the latest news about the most recent space launches and developments. What’s even better is the large variety of games and craft activities younger children get to choose from. They can learn at the same time as having fun!

Most major museums have children’s sections on their websites, and this one is definitely one of the most interactive ones out there. There are games and fact files linked with current exhibitions, which makes the information relevant and up-to-date. Alongside this children can virtually visit the museums via the ‘Antcam’ and ‘Flesh eating beetlecam’- cool or what? A brilliant educational resource!

Topics on this website cover everything from science and English to health and art. There are lots of games and activities to choose from that are all guaranteed to help your children learn at the same time as having fun.

Resources provided from the Rivers Multi Academy Resource SharePoint