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Microsoft Office 365


Northwick Manor Primary has purchased licences to enable all pupils to download Microsoft Office 365 on up to five home devices.  There is a minimum system requirement, older devices may not be able to run this app.  This app can be used free of charge whilst pupils are enrolled at Northwick Manor.  


Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical advice on installation, however if you experience problems with the username and password provided by school, please email


These are your child's personal accounts and are not moderated/regulated by Northwick Manor Primary School.  Please be aware that the account will be closed when they leave the school.   Any files saved in this area will not be accessible after this date, you may wish to save them to an alternative location whilst the account is live.






Navigate to Microsoft Office Home Login.



The instal icon can be found at the top right of the screen.





Digital Literacy


The internet is an exciting and informative world and digital literacy is taught as an integral part of the Computer programme of study.  There are several excellent sites which educate children and parents o how to stay safe on line.  We would recommend that you spend time visiting some of the site with your children and discuss jow you, as a family will use it responsibly.  A number of links can be found on our school website under the Children Button- E-Safety.


The Kids Zone on our website also offers a range of age appropriate education games.