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Wrap Around Care aims to give your child the best possible start and end to their school day. The children have the opportunity to mix with others from all year groups in a fun and friendly environment, which in turn promotes their learning and development. WRAP gives Northwick Manor children access to high quality, affordable and reliable childcare that fits in with normal working hours.


Please be assured that we are currently following COVID19 Regulations and the most up-to-date guidance relating to the full opening of schools.


Wrap Around is run by teaching assistants and staff who your children will already be familiar with from within their normal school day.


On a day to day basis Wrap Around is run in house by Mrs King, WRAP Manager and overseen by Mrs Tombs.


Parents have the option to choose Childcare that best suits their needs. The options available are listed below.


  • Before school childcare, with breakfast starting at 7:30 until 8:45 costs £5.00 per session. However if you would prefer an 7:45 start this will cost £4.50. At 8:45 the children are guided to their class rooms, reception children will always be escorted and handed to their teachers.
  • After school childcare, including a snack and drink runs from 3:15pm until 4:30pm this costs £5.00 per session.
  • After school childcare, including a light tea runs from 3:15pm until 6:00pm this costs £10.50 per session. Termly menus can be found on the school website.
  • Full wrap around care from 7:45am through until 6:00pm including a breakfast and light tea is £14.00 per day.


Our breakfast menu consists of toast, crumpets, bagels, tea cakes, muffins, cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt. We also provide a variety of drinks including fruit juices and milkshakes. (All school compliant).


Our after school menu runs on a 3 week cycle, this is available to be viewed on the school website.



We strive to provide a wide range of activities including:


  • Arts and crafts – Painting, play dough, making cards, masks, colouring and puzzles etc.
  • Board and card games – Uno, top trumps, connect 4, monopoly, chess and many others.
  • Computers which are supervised with access to educational programmes and educational games. Children can (but are not made too) access the computers for homework or product research.
  • Creative play – Lego, Duplo, play mobile, cars/garage, dolls, dolls house, dressing up, building blocks etc.
  • Group games – Variety of ball games, bench ball, and dance games amongst others provide access for all year groups.
  • We provide outdoor play weather permitting.

We provide the children with a variety of other activities the above is just a sample of what we do.




We can also provide emergency care for your child if we have the availability. Please ring the school office to make an enquiry or book. We also have an emergency contact no 07534014750 for After School Care. We pride ourselves in the quality of our childcare, educational knowledge and qualifications, skills and capabilities. We are a friendly approachable team and are always ready to answer and help with any parent’s queries or concerns.


If you are interested in a place for your child in wrap around care or would like more information then please enquire at the school office or contact Mrs King or Mrs Tombs.




Northwick Manor Primary School

Wrap Around Care


Terms and conditions


Before we can accept your booking, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions of wrap around care.

  • Your child must be registered with Northwick Manor Primary School before bookings are made, even if you only intend to use wrap occasionally. 
  • Registration and Booking Forms are available from the school office.
  • To guarantee a booking, places need to be registered and paid for in a timely manner. A £10.00 admin fee will come into play if we need to chase payment.  Bookings may well be cancelled and re-offered out if payments are not received.
  • Children may only attend wrap around care when they have had official communications from school confirming a place.    
  • Ad-hoc bookings will only be facilitated if possible, this will be governed by staffing levels. Once care is booked and confirmed any changes to that care will be chargeable as additional sessions.  All sessions will still need to be paid for in a timely manner otherwise a £10.00 admin fee will be chargeable.
  • Booking for long term care will only be taken from the official booking form, no phone messages or e-mails will be accepted.
  • No refunds will be made if the club is forced to close due to extreme weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control.
  • No refunds will be made for pupils attending school trips or school residential courses.  Due to increasing numbers we are also unable to swop days. 
  • You must inform us in writing, if anyone else, other than those listed on the registration form will be collecting your child. 
  • Parents must inform the Lead supervisor of any change of address, contact phone numbers or changes in medical conditions.
  • In an emergency trained staff will administer first aid, and accompany the child to hospital until parents / carers can take over.
  • Staff will administer medicine such as those provided for asthma, diabetics and epi-pens if needed.  Staff will administer all prescription and non- prescription drugs in accordance with the department of education guidelines i.e. Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions and Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Year’s Settings, providing the correct consent form has been completed in advance.
  • Children who are ill must not attend wrap and in the event of sickness or diarrhoea must be off for 48 hours after the sickness and diarrhoea has finished no refunds will be made.
  • If your child is unwell whilst at wrap, staff will contact you to collect your child. Once again no refunds will be made.
  • If your child is unable to attend a session no refunds will be made.  Please ensure you ring in and inform staff of this.
  • Parents are not permitted to use the staff carpark.
  • Pick up for all children will be from the designated pick up point only.  All children will need to be signed out.
  • Please do not arrive late to collect your child.  Children can become distressed if they think they have been forgotten.  If lateness is unavoidable then please telephone the Wrap Manager on 07534014750, if your child stays into the next session by 15 mins the fee for that session will apply.
  • Parents who are late collecting their child after 6pm will incur a charge of £5.00 per 15 mins.
  • Four weeks’ notice must be given to cancel all pre-booked sessions. Notice must be given in writing. 
  • The Wrap Manager may have to contact the Police/ or Children’s Services if a child is left for more than 45 minutes without prior consent and ALL emergency contact numbers have failed to establish a link with family / carers.
  • Any concerns re the club should be referred to the School Manager.
  • Should you wish to make a formal complaint about the care received please follow the schools complaints policy and procedures.
  • All behaviour issues will be dealt with in line with the schools behaviour policy.  Should the need arise; issues with children will be brought to the attention of their parents, and or School Manager.  If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily then in exceptional circumstances a child may be asked to leave.  No refund will be made if this is the case.
  • Equally if a parent / carer is aggressive or rude to staff or other children, this behaviour will not be tolerated.  Wrap reserves the right to withdraw its services.  No refund will be issued.
  • All children will be registered on arrival to wrap.  If you know your child won’t be attending for any reason please inform us.  A lot of time is spent chasing children who don’t turn up.
  • Wrap will adhere to all Northwick Manor Primary policies along with relevant legislation such as: Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Children’s Act, Data Protection Act and other school policies and procedures.
  • Wrap cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any child’s belonging.  Please do not send your child with expensive watches, toys etc.
  • All mobile phones must be handed to staff on the child’s arrival.  Once again staff cannot take responsibility for damaged or lost items.
  • The school has the right to change the Terms and Conditions as needed a copy of the current conditions will be displayed in the hall.