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English lies at the heart of the National Curriculum.  The knowledge and skills involved in speaking, listening, reading and writing are the means of learning throughout the school curriculum.  The language development of all children is of tremendous importance because it is the key to all learning, without language other areas of the curriculum could not be understood.

Our aim as teachers is to help children develop confidence, skills, understanding and knowledge in all aspects of English.  High standards and expectations will provide the basis for the children's work, both in content and presentation.

Phonics is taught systematically throughout the school to incorporate aspects of reading writing and spelling.  In EYFS pupils learn their letters and sound through 'Jolly Phonics'.  Home/school reading is fostered through the Cliff Moon 'book bands' system whereby a range of texts are broadly matched to individual reading development. Reading for pleasure in all year groups is actively encouraged.

The new curriculum has a broad programme of study  incorporating: reading; comprehension and word reading/study; for writing pupils learn the skills needed to compose a range of writing types with particular emphasis on grammar punctuation and spelling.  Each year group has specific objectives which will be taught throughout the year and links to other subjects are identified.