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Forest School is based on the Scandinavian model of outdoor education. Emphasis is placed on building confidence and self esteem through practical activities. The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire children of any age through positive outdoor experiences by participating in a range of tasks and activities in an outdoor environment, every individual has an opportunity to develop socially and emotionally.

Children will have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and work with others. During Forest School sessions children will use tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour - both physical and social; self esteem and confidence will grow and children will become self motivated.

Our Worthy Shelter

While the children investigate and make their own worthy shelters, we have a rustic haven which will withstand all the elements that mother nature will throw at us. As the ethos behind Forest School is to go out in all weather conditions, when the rainy weather is upon us, the children will find that their activities can continue more comfortably within the protection of our beautiful, authentic looking shelter.



How should the children dress for Forest School?

Children will not wear school uniform on a Forest School day. Parent/Carers will receive a letter indicating which session their children will be attending. They will be out in all weathers, waterproofs are provide to keep the children warm and dry. There may be occasions in hot weather when the children do not wear the protective waterproofs.

We strongly recommend the following clothing to wear under waterproofs; please be aware that clothing may get dirty or damaged, so we would advise children to choose older garments.

For feet and legs:


  • Long trousers, track suit bottoms or similar. In addition tights or leggings are advisable to be worn under trousers for both boys and girls on cold, damp days.
  • Thermal or thick socks.
  • Walking boots or Wellingtons to be brought in for the session (children will arrive in normal foot wear).
For top of the body (depending on weather):
  • Long sleeved top or T-shirt
  • Vest
  • Fleece or jumper
  • Hat, gloves and scarf - good for keeping chilly winds at bay
  • T-Shirt with sleeves (to protect arms from scratches and sunburn)
  • Long trousers (shorts/skirts are not suitable for Forest School sessions)
  • Socks and trainers (sandals/open-toed footwear is not suitable)

Thin layers of clothes are easier to remove to get your temperature right. As many layers on feet and legs as on the top of the body is a good general rule to remember.

If you have any problems about clothing please speak to the Forest School Leader.




Please follow this link or navigate to Parents - Forest Schools



You will be notified if the Forest School session has to be cancelled for any reason.