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 Well Being Updates


The NPP will be adding ideas or links weekly to help with your 'Well Being' during this difficult 'Lock-Down' and school closure period.


Week One - 6.04.20

The above link has ideas from the NHS on how to manage your well being whilst socially isolated. Hopefully there will be a few helpful tips here.


Week Two - 20.04.20

The above link has some good ideas from the Mental Health Foundation on how to look after your mental health during the Covid-19 outbreak. We hope you find it useful.


Week Three - 27.04.20 There are more ideas for helping with your well - being here. 


We suggested a great idea for the children who are missing certain people or activities. This could also apply to adults. Every time you think of a person or activity you are missing write it down and pop it into a jar. Once we are able to see friends and family or go to places open the jar and begin to work your way through it.

Week Four - 4.05.20

Support for urgent crisis mental health, help is available if you need it from the NHS:-

'Worcestershire Urgent Crisis Team'

Tel 01905 681915


For mental  health issues that are not urgent, you can self refer to:-

Tel: 0300 302 1313


For more general wellbeing help whilst staying at home have a look at the Worcestershire County Council page


Week Five - 11.05.20

The 'Blurt It Out Mental Health Toolkit' can help with ways to boost overall well-being. There are also some good ideas on how to help those who suffer from depression. The tool kit has ideas for all areas of well being and although written for people suffering from depression, they are really good general ideas for anyone struggling and feeling fed up. There are some great ideas for anyone on a budget too which in the current climate is incredibly useful.


Week Six - 18.05.20

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Find out how you can get involved below:-


This link has some lovely activities for coping with stress and anxiety:-


Week Seven - 1.06.20

Have a look at this website that has a series of tools and exercises for mental well-being and to help stay engaged with nature and the outdoors- even from your window. 


Week Eight - 8.06.20


Why not try this! It's free and you can spread a smile safely from a distance without making anyone ill! It will help others as well as yourself. It really does lift your spirits.


Week Nine - 15.06.20


Week Ten - 22.06.20


Week 11- 29.06.20


Summer Holidays


The new Public Health England (PHE) 'Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign' provides NHS-endorsed tips and advice to help children and young people’s mental wellbeing, and equip parents and carers with the knowledge to support them.



Here is a handy leaflet created by the NSPCC called ' Advice for Parents on Managing Stress and Anger'. This may be useful to you. 







The Northwick Parent Partnership (NPP) was established in 2009-10.  It consists of parent/carer  volunteers and staff.  Mrs Stanley (Deputy Head Teacher) reviews all minutes and supports our meetings. The school has held the 'Leading Parent Partnership Award' for the past six years which is due to its firm commitment to building strong relationships with parents. Please see the link at the bottom of this page for further information about the award.


  • To enhance the relationship and communication between school and parents.
  • To support & encourage parents/carers to become involved in the development of the school for the benefit of the children.

NNP is our parent voice.  We are a group of parent volunteers who gather your views, queries, and comments about what school is doing well and what school could do better.  We help to find answers to your questions or solutions to school-wide issues which are fed back to you via a regular newsletter. 

Suggestions parents make via the NPP are discussed with school, and if possible, changes are made.  We are not a decision-making body, but are a voice for parents.  Anyone can join.

To view our newletters please click on the document at the bottom of this page.



We have created a booklet for new parents


If you don't know who to ask, ask your school's...


Information Champion - Mrs Stanley

Contact her at school or email

Your Information Champion will be able to put you intouch with a wide range of services that can support you with:

Education (Special Education Needs, bullying etc.)

Childcare (Before/after school and holidays)

Money and benefits (Tax Credits, Jobcentre Plus etc.)

Parenting and Family Support (Parenting classes, helplines etc.)


NPP stand at recent Parent evenings.