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The new computing curriculum is divided into 4 sections. The children will learn different skills and knowledge from each section. Greater emphasis has been placed on Computer Science Theory and Computer Coding. 


Computer Science—Theory. Children will learn the thinking and problem solving that underpins the technology we use. They will learn about the internet, networks, packet data and components of a computer.

Computer Science - Coding. Children will learn the basics of what computer code does and how to write it using several different apps and educational based software. The skills of using logic, evaluation, patterns, decomposition and abstraction are life skills that can be applied to many other activities.

Bee Bots are used in the lower years to physically demonstrate programming. We are hoping to purchase Spheros for KS2 children in the near future.


Digital Literacy - E-Safety is embedded in our computing curriculum and covers how to stay safe and question the authenticity of material on the internet.  Creating safe passwords, cyber-bullying, social media etiquette and privacy settings, basic networks and parts of a computer.  We also cover issues relating to copyright and creative credit.  

Information Technology. Children also learn the skills needed to produce work on a computer. Usually linked to a topic in other lessons, children will learn how to produce creative posters, presentations and digital artwork.