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Eco Schools



Eco-Schools is an International Award Scheme guiding schools on their journey towards sustainability. Its framework helps to embed sustainable principles into school life. There are 3 levels of award - bronze, silver and the Green Flag - we currently hold a silver award.

Our Eco-Schools Committee is elected each year with  representatives from each class. We meet regularly to draw up a plan of action and complete activities.  We hold assemblies to inform the whole school of our activities, run competitions and themed weeks throughout the year.

These are the areas we work on to improve our school environment


Pupils are asked to report taps which are dripping and water saving measures are introduced in any new building work.  We have self-timed taps throughout school.


Our present energy rating is 'D' and we are working towards a 'C' rating. Every Autumn we take part in 'Switch it Off Week' when we try to reduce our energy usage. We have run light bulb design competitions where winning designs are displayed around the school by light switches to encourage pupils and staff to turn off unnecessary lighting. We have links with the 'Generation Green' and to 'The Pod' Websites. Logon using the school's postcode: WR3 7EA Student Code to use when you register: TJQMEW
We have Litter Pickers around the school which the children are encouraged to use and novelty bins to promote keeping the school grounds tidy. 


We run 'Lunch Box Waste' competitions and have successfully reduced the amount of waste in children's' lunchboxes. We encourage parents to use reusable containers and have a link with 'Easy2Name' which gives the school a contribution to funds for every order. Leaflets go out to new parents each year to promote the labelling of containers.

We are now able to recycle the same items as households and intend to work on minimising and recycling unwanted items in the coming year.



We organise Walk to School Weeks twice a year and have completed a Travel Plan. We have bike racks on the premises where children can safely leave their bikes and provide pedestrian and cycling training each year. 

Healthy Living

We consider ourselves to be a Healthy School and have historic awards acknowledging this. We are working towards renewing these. As a part of this focus children have PHSE lessons during which they develop their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

School Grounds


We are very luck to have wonderful grounds with plenty of room to play. These have been developed to encourage a range of play and opportunities to feel secure and make friends.

We have cultivated different areas to encourage biodiversity. 


We have many different areas to encourage a range of wild life. We have a range of hedging and many different species of tree including a black pear tree whose fruit can be found on both our Schools crest and Worcester's coat of arms. Our Bug Hotel at the far end of the Forest Schools area was created by the Eco schools committee.



Global Perspectives

During the school year children's awareness of the world around them is raised as an integral part of the topics they study. In supporting the wider community funds are raised for different charities amongst which are Children in Need, British Legion, Worcester Food Bank and Maggs Day Centre. 


Each year we run a 'Fair Trade' poster competition to promote 'Fair Trade' in conjunction with the City Council.