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Welcome to Year 5



Teaching Team from September 2021


Class                 Teachers                                           Learning  Assistants                  
5CWMrs Willerton

Mr Gardener     Mrs Garlick
Mrs Lewis        Mrs Warburton

Mrs Kent    Mrs Marshall-Watkins

Mrs Deane Mrs Simpson Miss Stevens

5DHMiss Hoare
5HTMiss Tauk/Mr Hampton
5LMMiss McColgan




Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between

3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

5CW Mrs Willerton - Thursday

5DH Miss Hoare - Tuesday

5LM Mrs McColgan - Tuesday
5HP Mr Hampton/Miss Tauk - Thursday


Mrs Willerton

Miss Hoare

Miss Tauk

Mrs McColgan

Mr Hampton

Year 5 Long-Term Curriculum Overview


Century learning.

Here are your school's free CENTURY access codes for learning resources in English, maths and science, all aligned to the National Curriculum: 

  1. Share the class codes below with your parents. We have provided a separate class code for each year group below.
  2. Ask parents to visit
  3. They will need to enter their class code along with their child's email address. If a child does not have an email address, we recommend setting one up. 
  4. The account is created and children can start learning straight away. CENTURY will provide them with a personalised learning path tailored to their skills and knowledge. 
  • Year 5 -  3JZAG3

As a social enterprise, CENTURY has pledged to give our platform free of charge to any school affected by coronavirus.

This is not a trial and there is no charge. You will have access while schools are closed and until you all manage to settle back into school again. 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn, the more places you will go.

  Dr Seuss

Year 5 Context for Learning Highlights

Autumn Term

  • The Americas
  • The Maya
  • Ancient Greece
  • Greek & Mayan Day
  • Forces
  • Traditional Tales
  • Moving Toys
  • Podcasts
  • Christmas Fayre Enterprise




Spring Term

  • Water & Rivers
  • River Walk- map work
  • Novel - Why the Whales Came
  • Flooding
  • Bridges
  • Earth in Space






Summer Term

  • Changes in History - Victorian Times
  • Historical Novel - Street Child
  • Blists Hill Museum Visit
  • Biscuits - Tasting & Making
  • Animals including humans
  • Living Things
  • Properties of Materials





Lockdown January 2021 online learning will be delivered using Seesaw.  Please logon with your personal Code.  A link to the app and our Remote Learning Offer can be found under the Children heading on this website.



We have rearranged our class pages to hopefully make it easier for you to find things. Please find below activities that can be carried out at home.  We will be adding to this area as the need arises. There are documents and links to resources for you to look at. There is no expectation that all of the activities need to be completed. We are hoping that you can find something to do for Maths and English, for a maximum of 30 minutes each, every day but we know that this may not always be possible. We have also added some topic area activities for you too if you have time.

Maths Activities

Rivers MAT Home learning

Below is a link to some French stories you can listen to.
Take a look at the Video Resource Centre under the Children heading and watch the video of the children in one of their Music lessons.