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Who's Who


Miss Sian Williams

Mrs Sara Stanley

 Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lauren Thomas - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Bob Harris -  Assistant Headteacher



      Mrs Tina Lewis                                 Mrs Jacquelyn Tombs  
                      School Manager                                   Office Manager                         


Mrs Amanda Higgins

Mrs Carol McVeigh

Finance/Admin Assistants




Mrs Clare McCabe

Office Support



Mr Gareth Edwards

Site Manager

Teaching Staff

Mrs Kerry Warwick  Mrs Emma Argent Mr Bob Harris  

Mrs Tanya Shipley  Miss Vesna Racic  Mrs Louise Webber  

Year 1
  Mrs Helen Stephens  Mrs Rachel Hartless

   Mrs Briand   Miss Zakiyah Ishaq


Year 2
   Mrs Emily Garbett   Miss Denise Hoare  

Miss Catherine Ramano  Mrs Claire Willerton



Year 3
   Mrs Sara Tipple   Mrs Sue Wintle   Mrs Susie Phillips 

Mrs Sue Palmer Mrs Emma Andrews

Year 4
Mrs Emma Bell    Mr Phillip Hampton  Miss Billie-Jo Dearden

Year 5 
Mrs Claire Hewit   Mr James Radburn  Mrs Kate Porter  Miss Annie Tauk

Year 6
Mrs Alison Davis    Mrs Tina Lawrence   Mr Richard Leighfield

PPA Teachers
   Mrs Lauren Thomas     
Mr Bob Harris    Mrs Sara Stanley 

Mrs Vickie Briand

Learning  Assistants

   Mrs Lesley Harris    Mrs Sue Fuller   
Mrs Sam Joesbury-Clarke   Mrs Tracy Pullen  Mrs Sue Simpson  Mrs Belinda Schofield  
Mrs Sheila King   Mrs Judy Marshall-Watkins   Mrs Gail Kainey   Mrs Angela Garlick   
   Mrs Nicky Hood   Mrs Catriona Deane   Mrs Jane Myers  

 Mrs Rachel Meakin     Mrs Lisa Lannie  
  Mrs Jacqui Lewis  Mr Steve Gardener  Mrs Kathy Silver  Miss Rachel Richards 

   Mrs Rebecca Warburton 

Mrs Angela Churchill   Miss Lindsey Bowater  Mrs Donna Watts  Mrs Lynn Meacham

 Mrs Heather Lewis   Mrs Claire-Marie Mindykowski 

Kitchen Staff


Catering Manager

Mrs Deborah Pratt


Mrs Louise Brimmell

Supported by

Kitchen/Export Assistants


The school could not operate as effectively without our wonderful team of cleaners and lunchtime supervisors

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