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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

From September 2016


Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
5CH Mrs Hewitt Mrs Warburton
5SW Mrs Wintle Mrs Mason
5GS Mrs Gilfillan Mr Gardner

Year 5 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Historical Novels Excel/Coding Ancient Greece
Christmas Fayre Enterprise Water and Rivers Virtual Maps
The Monarchy Literacy Why the Whales Came Myths and Legends
Blists Hill Museum Properties of Materials The Mayans
Moving Toys Bridges Animals including humans
Forces Earth in Space Making Bread

Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

5CH Mrs Hewitt - Thursday

5SW Mrs Wintle - Friday
5PG Mrs Gilfillan - Thursday





Our shared text at the start of this term has been Why the Wales came by Michael Morpurgo which sadly had extra resonance with the mass beaching of a pod of whales in New Zealand. We studied the various characters emotions, described settings, recounted the Curse of Samson and in drama role played an argument.




We also produced our own version of the wonderful book Oi Dog for the KS1 children.




In studying water we have looked at features of a river such as oxbow, meander and traced the River Severn from source to estuary.






We have used water colour paint to produce harbour and seaside scenes.




Our science topic has been investigating the properties of materials, focusing on filtration, soluble, insoluble, reversible and irreversible change.


We finished the term with our cam topic. We investigated the requirements to create our own moving toys.






A Big thank you to all of you at home that helped the children prepare the wonderful merchandise and stalls for the Year 5 Christmas enterprise.  There as a lovely festive spirit and many thanks to everyone who supported the event.












Enterprise is a child initiated activity which is directly linked to developing further our school drivers. Independence, responsibility and entrepreneurial skills are key elements of enterprise. The projects are designed to enrich the curriculum further and give children the opportunity to experience real life problems.
This involves children working together to create either a money making enterprise project to raise funds for charity or school or a social enterprise project.






This topic linked into DT and we created our own suite cases and filled them with Victorian memorabilia.




In art we have been focusing on still life





We have studied  the life of Queen Victoria her coronation and jubilee.  We have  focused on the poorer classes in the Victorian era understanding the educational system and work expectations and conditions.


In literacy we shared the text of Street Child by Berlie Doherty, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and extracts from Queen Victoria’s Diaries.  We have written in the style of the times to recount an important event and relived the era through drama.








Please visit this excellent educational website which the school subscribes to allowing all pupils free home access.  The logon details are the same as those used to logon to the computers in school and should be familiar to your child.  All activity is recorded, please encourage children to use it responsibly, it is a valuable learning tool.


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