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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
5CH Mrs Hewitt Mrs Mindykowski
5JR Mr Radburn Mrs Mason
5GS Mrs Gilfillan Mr Gardner

Additional TA Support  Mrs L Harris


Year 5 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Traditional Tales Coding Historical Novels
Christmas Fayre Enterprise Rivers & Flooding Virtual Maps
Mayans/Ancient Greeks Literacy Why the Whales Came Traditional Tales
Cadbury World Earth in Space & Living Things Victorians/Blist Hill
Moving Toys Bridges Animals including humans
Forces Sketching & Water Multi Media Making Bread

Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

5CH Mrs Hewitt - Thursday

5JR - Friday
5PG Mrs Gilfillan - Thursday




During the Easter break, for their homework, children constructed a model a Worcester building that can be seen between the Cathedral and Pitchcroft.  The River Severn is prone to flooding and as part of their topic work they are looking in detail at the impact on the City and the  preventative measures.  Using the models the children had great fun recreating the riverside scene and then subjected it to a flash flood!










Our shared text at the start of this term has been Why the Wales came by Michael Morpurgo . We studied the various characters emotions, described settings, recounted the Curse of Samson.  Our art work has been linked and inspired by the coast of Bryer.  We have used various media to  produce seascapes, portraits and cottages from the book.






In studying water we have looked at features of a river such as oxbow and meander and will be tracing the River Severn from source to estuary.




In science we looked at Earth and the planets in our solar system.   We created  the phases of the moon with Oreos and enjoyed eating our handy work!!!!



We will be using the software package Westpoint Bridge design to construct and understand the most suitable shapes to create a strong bridge.






 We are studying the Mayans this term.  We look at how they lived their lives and organised their society.  One of the best things is they invented the chocolate drink and we will be visiting Cadbury World to discover the origins of the cocoa bean in the Aztec Jungle and learn about new product development and package design.




Our english work has been based on the fabulous text of The Wizard, the Ugly and the Book of Shame by Pablo Bernasconi.  The children have been writing letters of apology, and using their descriptive skills to create wonderful new characters.








Mr Cadle joined to talk enthusiastically about the Greeks, their travels and wars, lifestyles and architecture.




Our Christmas Enterprise was very well supported.  The children gained valuable insight into  who to organise their chosen stall to ensure they were both attractive, well stocked and most importantly profitable.  Thank you to all the parents and extended family who supported them in their endeavours.