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Year 5 ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014



Year 5 are currently using Scratch to develop their programming skills. This software can be downloaded free of charge.  We are currently using the 1.4 version.  We would love to see any games created at home by our budding game developers.



Our main focus this term is the Victorians. In literacy we have studied some of the extracts from the Diary of Queen Victoria, looked at the classic works of Charles Dickens and Street Child by Bertie Doherty. In IT we have been creating our own graphical models of Victorian modes of transport.

The theme behind the mantle project was that McMillan Publishers had made contact with the Year 5 children and asked if they were able to produce some Victorian resources to help educate other children studying this topic.

Groups of children set about the task creating their own Company name, deciding on suitable artefact's and making them, including the very fine suitcases to contain them.

Some chose to focus on famous Victorians such as Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, John Cadbury or a group such as miners. They then developed a sales pitch and went into the scary Dragons Den in the hope of securing funding for their products.

Each group was very impressive but were beaten by the outstanding sales pitch from the company Historical Trunks of the Past (Florence Nightingale) whose marketing ideas were terrific.