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3ST Mrs Tipple Mrs Meakin/Mrs Fuller
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Year 3 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
World Climates Invaders & Settlers Healthy Living DT
English/Text Study Boudicca's Speech The Local Area
Bird Feeders DT Trip to Bishops Wood Crime Scene & Animation

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The children’s visit to Bishops Wood gave them a fabulous insight into Viking life.  There was lots of role play as they travelled on their long boats to England, invaded villages. Many of the invaders remained as settlers on the rich farming lands.

The children built hunting shelters, learnt how to make a fire, fashioned clay pots, hammered copper to make pieces of jewellery and span wool. 

Probably the most enthusiastic round of questions were about the very basic toilet!!!!!

The children discussed the advantages of that era against our modern day living and opinions were interestingly mixed.

Our Stone Age topic has run through many areas of the curriculum this term.  We have used our English skills to make research notes and write reports on our findings.













Our history, geography and science have combined with our study of rocks and fossils learning about their durability and permeability.


Our extended homework was to learn how various fossils were made and where they are found.  We learnt about Mary Anning the great fossil hunter.


Our study of Stonehenge included creating some dramatic art work of the stones at sunset.




We have created our own cave paintings and understood how Stone Age man created a variety of colours using oxides and okra.





In art we used heat to create stunning wax crayon pictures.





Our key text in English has been Little Wolfs Book of Badness.  This is a lovely little book which tells the story of Little Wolf who has been sent away to learn how to behave like a proper wolf with Uncle Big Bad. 



In geography we have been identifying climate zones focusing this half term on deserts.  We have looked at where they are in the world.  What life is like, how animals and humans cope with the extremes of temperature and focused on the delightful meerkat.




Our science topic has been moving and growth.  We have looked at bones, joints and muscles and considered how they help us to move during our PE lessons.




Each child carried out a bird survey for homework, observing type, habitat and food sources.  This data was also used in our computing lessons where we learnt about databases, why they are useful and how to search them.  Entering our own bird data we were then able create graphs using excel.  In DT we have produced our own bird feeders using up cycled items, which will hopefully be well received by our local bird population!





All classes will have had the opportunity to join Mr Hampton for forest schools by the end of the autumn term.





Our learning objective was to recognise and comment on different styles of famous artist's work from history. 

We have been studying the The Great Wave off Kanagawa which is a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai

















This term the children will be extending their french vocabulary learning how to say which sports they enjoy through the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Fun will be had playing charades and 'having a go' at some traditional French sports to familiarise them with the French verbs, je joue (I play) and je fais (I do). They will also start to use some simple opinion phrases such as j'aime and j'adore to say what they like to do.






This term in Science we have investigated what seeds require to achieve best growth.  We chose a range of mediums, cotton wool, soil, water kitchen towels etc and recorded the progress of each seed.  We will also be looking at how to enjoy a healthy balanced diet and will be creating our own satisfying and tasty sandwiches.


We are looking at the local area, the layout of the streets around us and the impact new buildings can have on a community.


In English we had great fun at our crime scene investigating and solving the murder of Little Red Riding Hood.  This led us into our report writing.






Our exciting Computing topic has been to create our own Stop Go Animation.  We have chosen our backgrounds, created our characters and using the ipad have carefully photographed a succession of images to create a movie with an audio rhyming couplet.











Our history topic this term has been studying invaders and settlers.  The children had great fun invading other classrooms and next term will be 'raiding'.  This exercise will give them a greater understanding between the differences.  The Romans invaded the Vikings raided.

We have created our own Stone Age cave paintings.






We enjoyed a visit from Emily Hathaway an archaeologist who talked about Stone Age Worcester and some of the finds which include a mamouth tusk which was put on display in Worcester Museum.

Link to article


The rocks and soil study increases our knowledge of timelines.  Understanding how types of rock were created and their properties and further on in time the fossils that can be found within them.


We also fortunate to have a lovely talk from Rhonda Niven on illuminated maniscripts and are looking forward to creating some of our own.


One of our english focuses has been on 'show not tell'.  Children are encouraged to use descriptive language to convey how someone feels rather than a single word. eg 'his pulse was still pumping' rather than 'he was afraid'.




This week we have had great fun with our measuring olympics in maths.  


The children have settled in well and enjoying this terms topics. 


In science we have been finding out how a healthy living lifestyle ensures our bodies can grow and move.  We have thought about exercise and food.


We have looked at colour palettes especially the wonderful array that appear in the leaves in Autumn and have created our own leaf art work.




In geography we have looked at the continents and in particular Spain We have focused on temperate climates, rain forests and hurricanes.  This is always a good time of year to study the impact of hurricanes, as unfortunately, for many communities this time of year sees them reaping havoc across the globe.





The children have been very enthusiastic in english as their work has centered around the fabulous text, Little Wolf’s Book of Badness by Ian Whybrow. 


Little Wolf's Book of Badness - Paperback - 9780007458547 - Ian Whybrow








Year 3 children and staff had a wonderful time working with Mr and Mrs Boffy, in conjunction with The Hive making, beautiful lanterns.  The children were invited to lead the lantern procession from the Cathedral to the Hive where they joined in the festive celebrations.









Forest Schools


Year 1 classes will be participating in Forest School this year.

Whatever the weather...........!!!!



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