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We started this term with our topic on the Greeks.  We studied their myths and legends, their life styles, wars and travels and understanding where they fit on an historical timeline. 








In our studies of earth and space we have researched the planets in our solar system their orbits and how the suns light source affects our daylight hours and seasons.




We will be studying living things, plants and animals and what they require to live.


Our DT topic is making bread.  We will be following instructions and modifying recipes to create our designer breads.


We are also studying a new topic, the ancient Maya, a civilisation of people who lived in Mexico and Central America.  We had a fascinating talk by Mr Cadle and will be looking at their art work and many other facts.



Our shared text at the start of this term has been Why the Wales came by Michael Morpurgo which sadly had extra resonance with the mass beaching of a pod of whales in New Zealand. We studied the various characters emotions, described settings, recounted the Curse of Samson and in drama role played an argument.




We also produced our own version of the wonderful book Oi Dog for the KS1 children.




In studying water we have looked at features of a river such as oxbow, meander and traced the River Severn from source to estuary.






We have used water colour paint to produce harbour and seaside scenes.




Our science topic has been investigating the properties of materials, focusing on filtration, soluble, insoluble, reversible and irreversible change.


We have used the software package Westpoint Bridge design to construct and understand the most suitable shapes to create a strong bridge. 


We finished the term with our cam topic. We investigated the requirements to create our own moving toys.









A Big thank you to all of you at home that helped the children prepare the wonderful merchandise and stalls for the Year 5 Christmas enterprise.  There as a lovely festive spirit and many thanks to everyone who supported the event.












Enterprise is a child initiated activity which is directly linked to developing further our school drivers. Independence, responsibility and entrepreneurial skills are key elements of enterprise. The projects are designed to enrich the curriculum further and give children the opportunity to experience real life problems.

This involves children working together to create either a money making enterprise project to raise funds for charity or school or a social enterprise project.






This topic linked into DT and we created our own suite cases and filled them with Victorian memorabilia.




In art we have been focusing on still life






We have studied  the life of Queen Victoria her coronation and jubilee.  We have  focused on the poorer classes in the Victorian era understanding the educational system and work expectations and conditions.


In literacy we shared the text of Street Child by Berlie Doherty, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and extracts from Queen Victoria’s Diaries.  We have written in the style of the times to recount an important event and relived the era through drama.