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Year 5 ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-2015

Welcome to Year 5

From September 2015

Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
5AD Mrs Davies Mrs Lewis
5SW Mrs Wintle Mrs Mason
5GS Mrs Gilfillan Mr Gardner

Year 5 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Historical Novels Excel, PowerPoint Ancient Greece
Christmas Fayre Enterprise Water and Rivers Scratch/Data Bases
Victorians Literacy Why the Whales Came Life Cycles
Islam and Islamic Art Materials Earth & Space Faith in the Arts
Moving Toys Bridges Bread Making
Forces Buddhism The History Man

Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

5AD Mrs Davies - Tuesday
5SW Mrs Wintle - Friday
5PG Mrs Gilfillan - Thursday



Please follow the link below to the English & Maths levelling and guidance documents which can be found under their  subject headings





Our focus this term has been on the Ancient Greeks with many cross curricular links.  We studied their lifestyles, city-states, key battles, Gods and myths.  Our Greek earns are coming along nicely.








We will be tasting various types of bread in order to choose and cook our own combination of flavours to HOPEFULLY present a delicious loaf or bun and understanding how yeast works in this process.




In RE we learn about the Christian Right of Passage, baptism, confirmation, marriage and funeral.


We have compared and evaluated databases in excel and Information Magic and can see the advantages of being able to search and sort for facts and figures.   We created our own database on the Greek Gods inserting keywords into various fields.


In our remaining Computing lessons will be using scratch to build a maze game based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.


A team of Year 5 Pupils attended the Maths Challenge at the King's School along with 20 other Primary Schools.  The children faced a number of maths challenges during this fun filled morning and finished in fifth place.  Well done team you were only a few points behind the winners.



This term we have studied Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo and the Piano by Aiden Gibbons.  Using the texts we have written pieces for a specific audience such as diary extracts, persuasive writing and dialogue.


The solar eclipse on the 20th March has coincided nicely with our study of Earth and Space particularly in understanding the phases of the moon.


In humanities our focus is water and rivers with an individual mantle project on flooding. We have looked at how a river is formed and the effect of erosion with emphasis on the River Severn


In our bridges topic will use the excellent West Point Bridge Designer software to assess varying structures followed by a class challenge to see who can construct the strongest bridge with paper!




The topic looking at the lifestyle of the Victorians and some of the more famous inventors from the period ran alongside many subjects this term. 


In literacy we have read Street Child by Berlie Doherty, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and extracts from Queen Victoria’s Diaries.  We have written in the style of the times to recount an important event.


Writing a pitch for an invention of our choice was great fun and produced some exceedingly good ideas, wonder if any of them will make millionaires of their inventors?


Our Computing study of graphical modelling enabled us to assess a basic modelling package which we used to create a classroom, and honing our Publisher skills to create a picture of a Victorian mode of transport.


Our art project, papier-mâché suitcases, housed a variety of Victorian artefacts.




This topic will culminate with a visit to Bliss Hill and the Victorian Village where we will see how Christmas was celebrated.


In science we have looked at the forces of gravity and friction and carried out a number of experiments.


Islam was the focus for this terms RE in which we also created 3D models of a mosque. 


We have improved our swimming skills including lessons in lifesaving and look forward to the Year 5 gala.


A very exciting enterprise day saw a wide range of stalls to encourage purchases and refreshments for family members.







Our enterprise day raised an outstanding £900.  Look out Alan Sugar you will have some serious competition in the future!


We finished the term with our cam topic. We investigated the requirements to create our own moving toys.







Please visit this excellent educational website which the school subscribes to allowing all pupils free home access.  The logon details are the same as those used to logon to the computers in school and should be familiar to your child.  All activity is recorded, please encourage children to use it responsibly, it is a valuable learning tool.


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