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What a great way to start the term with our adventure to Malvern Outdoor Centre.  The children were amazing and learnt a lot about themselves as they completed many scary challenges.  During the days they reflected on how they had regularly called upon the schools 7r's to complete each section.


Resilience, reflectiveness, readiness to learn, relationships, responsibility, risk taking and resourcefulness. 






























On our exciting India Day we had an opportunity to dress in Indian style clothing, taste a variety of traditional Indian foods, use Indian drums and watched the intricate patterns being created in henna  hand painting. Parents joined the children at the end of the day to watch them perform some Indian dance moves. This topic has created many cross curricula links, such as studying some of their traditional tales.






We have been invited by the Kings School to watch their performance of Joseph and also perform ourselves at the Three Counties Ground FAME concert.


We will be visiting Bishops Wood to investigate 'habitat heroes' as part of our science topic.


In our DT project we will be designing a Precious Possession Pouch for something we treasure.  This will entail measuring, choosing an appropriate material, decorating, stitching and ensuring it has an appropriate fastening to keep everything safe.


Jane Wilson will be speaking to the children on the different types of teeth we have and how to care for them.


Our Maths work will center around statistics, position and direction and recapping our mathematical skills.



The first of our topic this term was Imaginary Worlds. We have been studying the text of Harry Potter and analysed an early version written by JK Rowling, comparing it to the improved published piece and applied this skill to our own work.


Our medicinal herb research homework supported the creation of potions and spells and the children let their imagination run riot in their descriptive scene settings and how it would feel to fly on a broomstick.




In computing they used a piece of software to create an imaginary world and considered how the media use this tool extensively in advertising and film production and considered the necessity to evaluate the advantage and disadvantages of this type of media manipulation.


The children produced some wonderful imaginary world dioramas which parents were invited in to view.














In science we investigated how sound travels, how to change pitch and volume and why some instruments are lower or higher pitched than others.

The children will all learn to play either the clarinet or coronet as part of the FAME scheme and will perform in a concert later in the year.

We have studied what the earth is made from, how and why volcanoes exist and what the implications are for people and animals around them.


We have started our brilliant Egyptian topic.






We have a studied the Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo in literacy.  We have written diary entries and created a fact file. 








In Humanities we have talked about the countries that make up the United Kingdom with particular focus on the counties. Children completed a piece of homework on a given county, gave a presentation and the topic will culminate with a quiz at the end of the week.


We enjoyed looking at the work of Roald Dahl particularly his use of inventive vocabulary.  The children created their own dream Jars.




In computing we have been using logo to hone our programming skills creating repeating patterns using repeat shapes and procedures.


In science we have looked at changing states such as melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation.


This term we have visited Harvington Hall and enjoyed listening to a wealth of facts, to support our study of the Tudors.  We have glimpsed into the past and now have an understanding of the Kings and Queens of this era, their clothes, food, housing and entertainment.











We created a fabulous variety of pop up books with a Christmas theme for our DT topic.