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Parents were invited to an information session explaining the assessment arrangements in Year 2 in preparation for SATS.


Please find below the presentation for the your information.


We have been exploring the text of Lime Light Larry in English, creating our own wanted posters and character descriptions. Great fun was had writing the alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood who became the villain, whilst Mr Wolf enjoyed being the good guy for a change! 






Our art and history topic has been closely linked to building architecture through the ages. We have loved the designs of James Rizzi, a modern pop artists of many talents, and are now creating our own cubes in his style. Here is our interpretation of his Castle and the Sun.






We will also be enjoying a visit to Avoncroft Museum where we will be able to explore a variety of buildings both old and new.


The art topic has also included studying the work of another contemporary artist, Paul Klee, in particular ‘Taking a line for a walk’ and looking for the hidden animals.



The microscopes which we had on loan were amazing for looking at a variety of materials and investigating their properties and what use they would best be suited for.


In music we have been looking at expression, dynamics and sound effects.


We have continued to develop our coding skills using the block coding software Discovery Coding. We have an understanding of what an algorithm is and why the skills of design, abstraction, recognising pattern and evaluation are great life skills which can be applied to many activities.







This terms mantle has been to create our own Smoothie Company.  Groups have chosen the name of their company, slogans and strap lines.  There was a trip to the Co-op to select their fruit and understand the weight and monetary value of items.  This culminated in making tasting and evaluating their own smoothie recipe.




We have appreciated the importance of healthy food to ensure our bodies receive the goodness required to stay well and grow.






Linking our fruity topic to art work we looked at the portraits by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  We divided colouring work into four quadrants and worked as a team to match the colours.   We also used Publisher software to create our own alternative versions.


When creating instructions we have looked at the use of imperative verbs and time connectives.

e.g. Mix the ingredients then add the water.


In DT we have researched a number of winding devices understood how they work.  We have designed and created our own winding toys.




We have studied major features and their national emblems in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  We have looked at the comparisons between city and village living. 




In English we have looked at the stories of Katie Morag.  Katie is the title character of a series of children's picture books written and illustrated byMairi Hedderwick. The gentle stories have been praised for their good humour, strong sense of place, and the feisty and independent character of Katie herself. The books are set on the fictional Isle of Struay, off the west coast of Scotland.  The children have identified the familiar settings that run through the narratives and written their own stories.




We have enjoyed performance poetry reading Michael Rosen chocolate cake and The Day the Animals Escaped.  In creating our own poems we have been using verbs and adverbs to improve our writing. 



Forest Schools


Year 2 classes will be participating in Forest School this year.

Whatever the weather...........!!!!




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