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Year 1 ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013



We have lots of fabulous topics this term starting with finding out about the Great Fire of London. Where and how it started, where it finished and why it spread so fast! Mr Cadle will be in school to set the whole subject alight!! 
 We will look at the facilities available in and around the Northwick area and use our mapping skills to help us locate some of the geographical features.
We will look at the properties of different materials and have an opportunity to look at the wooden sculptures at Ray’s Farm and then create some of our own back at school.
The children had a magical day at Ray's Farm.  They found over thirty sculptures based on nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  Stopped in the fairy circle and made a wish.  Sat in the storytellers chair and let their imaginations run wild as they regaled their friends with enchanted stories.  There were animals to visit and poor Mrs Harris was attacked by a goat!!!



There will be great excitement as the children investigate various pizza toppings and create their own adverts and boxes. Finally they will cook their own pizza to share with the family.



Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you and your families please find a snap shot of this term.


This term we are learning about different types of toys now and in the past. We will create our own dictionaries and use a Venn diagram to sort them.

We will visit St Stephen's church to look at a Christian church what is inside and what happens in it.

We will use our imaginations to create fantasy worlds based on space and aliens write stories around these themes. This links into our DT project where we will make a puppet using our sewing skills.
In science we are exploring how to make sounds using musical instruments and including a visit to Bishop Woods Environmental Centre where we investigate sounds in the environment (Sounds Interesting). We will use our data loggers to record the decibels.
In geography learn about various locations with Barnaby Bear and decide which we like best. We will learn how to get Mexico, Norway, Australia, France, Egypt and Worcester, begin to understand some of their cultures and study art works from France and Australia
Toy Museum
We have been looking at and investigating how toys have changed over the generations. To give the topic purpose we decided to make our own toy museum; grouping, labelling and describing the toys that had been kindly loaned by friends and families. We had an open day where visitors and other classes had an opportunity to see our work.


We have been invaded!!!.....Watch this space for more information

AUTUMN TERM In the first term of year one we like to try to keep things similar to EYFS. As well as our topics we have a daily phonics lesson and revisit fundamental skills to learning such as correct letter formation, reading and basic number work.

Play with a purpose is positively encouraged and links to the Early Years curriculum developed wherever possible.

A happy transition into year one is carefully fostered.

Our playground mantle began with a trip to Sabrina Park play area to investigate the play equipment. We wanted to know how it moved and what it was made from. In ICT we created our own fantasy playgrounds using a piece of graphical modelling software. Jack and Jill came to visit and fell down our hill, they asked us to devise our own playground games and we changed the rhyming words to traditional playground songs.
When we began to find out about schools of the past we visited the Black Country Museum and took part in some role play in a Victorian classroom.