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Year 3 ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-2015

Welcome to Year 3

From September 2015

Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
3DM Miss McGann Mrs Meakin/Mrs Fuller
3MW Mr Wilson Mrs Tainty
3JR Mr Radburn Mrs Silver

Year 3 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Around the World Invaders & Settlers Adventure & Mystery
Healthy Living Quests, Myths, Legends The Local Area
Flat Stanley   What's in the News

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If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

3DM Miss McGann - Tuesday
3MW Mr Wilson - Tuesday

3JR Mr Radburn - Tuesday



Please follow the link below to the English & Maths levelling and guidance documents which can be found under their  subject headings




A very exciting start to the term murder had been committed in the Walnut hut.  Poor Mr Wolf had met his end.  Our crime scene investigators gathered evidence. Newspaper reports were written and our prime suspects, Granny, The Woodcutter and Red Riding.  Ask a child "who dunnit?".




This term we have studied the right conditions to grow a plant including photosynthesis.  We used Microsoft Publisher to create our own information page and explanation text illustrating our learning.



We have studied Pi Corbett’s Adventure at Sandy Cove.  We can recite the text and are imitating, inventing and innovating our own versions.  In grammar we have focused on how to use speech, identifying a range of verbs and tenses.


In art we will be creating observational drawings based on the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.  We will be deconstructing and reconstructing a picture frame using accurate measurements.

We enjoyed our trip to the Hive where we spent time browsing through the amazing children’s section.


During multi-cultural week our year group studied Spain.  We created our own jigsaw of the Spanish regions, studied the works of Picasso and Gaudi and created our own mosaics similar to those found in Park Güell.  We have cooked paella and patatas bravas, mastering the art of peeling potatoes!!! Experienced Flamenco dance, played top Trumps with famous football players and zoomed over Spain using Google Maps. What a fabulous week.





Our history topic studying pre-historic man through to the Vikings has been amazing. We have created our own fact files and reproduced pre-historic cave paintings. 



We have enjoyed learning about and listening to myths and legends and have written our own tales.  We will be using the fabulous Myths & Legends website to create our own myth or legend using multitude of tools to illustrate our story and embarking on a Viking Quest as we evaluate a web based game.



Our maths focus this term has been on place values 10 100 and 1000 and using money to support this.  We have also been looking at and reading analogue clocks.

Literacy has been linked in a number of ways to our science topic Healthy Eating creating information leaflets. We have looked at shape poems and calligrams.




This terms art work has been linked to colours, the moods hot and cold colours can create and how the Fauves and Impressionists used colours in their art work.  We created our own David Hockney inspired work.




Our geography has also reflected a hot and cold theme as we learnt about the varying climates from the deserts to the arctic.


We have looked at the Old Testament and are now enjoying the stories that Jesus told.

Test us out on our conversational French!  We have also been learning our colours and have just started writing in French.


We have used our Friend Finder which we created using a database to find friends with similar likes in Year 3.  We will be learning the how to send emails and the correct etiquette when addressing friends or business contacts.




Year 3 classes will be participating in Forest School this year.

Whatever the weather...........!!!!



Follow this link for timetables


If this link is not working please navigate to: Parents/Curriculum/Forest Schools



Follow this link for timetables


If this link is not working please navigate to: Parents/Curriculum/Forest Schools








Please visit this excellent educational website which the school subscribes to allowing all pupils free home access.  The logon details are the same as those used to logon to the computers in school and should be familiar to your child.  All activity is recorded, please encourage children to use it responsibly, it is a valuable learning tool.


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