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Year 3 ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013


Our exciting topics for the summer term include looking at changes in our local area and how they will affect the area both in the short and long term.  Science will include light and shadow, lets hope we get some sun for our experiments! We will be honing our striking and fielding skills on the playfield and creating fabulous picture frames in DT.


Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you and your families. This term we will be studying the Romans, Vikings and Celts covering clothing weapons, homes and battle formations. We enjoy a visit to Caerleon which boasts the finest remains of Roman barrack buildings in Europe.

Our DT and Art work focuses on building Viking long boats, making jewellery and dyeing fabrics. We consider the metals and materials and tools they would have worked with.


In Science we look at skeletons and how they give structure to bodies. In English we look at informative text and myths and legends of King Arthur and his knights inventing our own quests.




So far this term the children have been very busy and working hard on a range of subjects. In geography, they have learnt about different climates around the world. In literacy they have been developing their descriptive language across a range of styles such as poetry and letter writing.


Artistic skills have been displayed creating a range of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours using paint, pastels and collage.

Homework has been completed to a high standard and we are delighted with the efforts made to learn their weekly spelling. Keep up the good work.
We had a talk by a dentist explaining how to keep our teeth healthy.

We tasted evaluated and created our own healthy sandwiches using the healthy eating plate as a guide to a nutritional meal.
After half term there will be some exciting work linked to the adventures of ‘Flat Stanley’. The children will be building on their knowledge and understanding of healthy living to develop a sensible healthy diet, and exercise plant for ‘Flat Stanley’.


In numeracy they will continue to focus on sharpening their mental maths skills to apply in calculations and word problems. Please encourage them to keep practising 2,4,5 and 10 times tables.


Thank you for your continued support.