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There is always a great deal of excitement around our Great Fire of London Topic.  Mr Cadle our History Man visited school and kept the children enthralled with fascinating facts about the Great Fire of London.  A 'big thank you' to all the adults who had helped the children with their homework topic to make, in cardboard, a timber framed house from this era.   The model buildings were fabulous and enabled us to  recreated a London street and watch as the buildings were consumed by fire and learnt a powerful lesson in how quickly it spreads with devastating effect.



The children have enjoyed their first topic of the new term, Toys Old and New.  Everyone brought in a toy and made their own labels to create a toy museum.  Parents and carers came into school and joined the children viewing the toys and art work on display.


Children had studied the wonderfully detailed painting Children's Games by Peter Bruegel and recreated their own scenes using charcoal.

We have joined Barnaby Bear on his travels around England, France, Australia and Mexico and learnt about national flags, food, buildings and art.




In our role play area we created a Chinese restaurant and researched the Chinese New Year Celebrations.  This has underpinned out money topic, recognising coins and understanding their monetary value.


We started our first joins in handwriting and enjoyed designing and writing postcards from a variety of locations.



We have had a fabulous term with some amazing topics. 


Our ‘Me and You’ topic was looking at how we are all unique and celebrating our differences, both physically and our personalities.  We also studied the artist Picasso and his abstract portraits and created our own in his style.

We visited Sabrina Park playground.  Apart from having a chance to use some of the equipment we took time to discuss what we liked about it, and what improvements we would make.  We then used the graphical software package SPEX to create our own playgrounds considering the safety aspects for different ages and most importantly somewhere for the adults to sit!!
Our school trip to the Black Country Museum gave us a great insight into how children were educated during the Victorian area as we experienced first-hand a lesson in the old school room.  We compared our classrooms, buildings, lighting and heating and definitely prefer our present environment.
The alien topic based on the lovely story Aliens love Underpants, by Claire Freedman, was great fun and gave us an opportunity to create our own aliens.  Some of the activities included looking at bossy verbs, using adjectives to describe an alien and instructions on how to get dressed. We also instructed/coded our BeeBots to move to a given destination understanding the importance of precise ordered instructions.

Our focus on Diwali, perhaps the most well-known of the Hindu festivals, has included hearing the lovely story of Rama and Sita with the message of good overcoming evil.  We have also made our own Diwali lamps for this festival of light.




Unfortunately we have had trouble with a very naughty elf who has been making mischief in our classrooms!! However, with some excellent suggestions from the children on how he could improve his behaviour he is now enjoying new friendships and having lots of fun.