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Year 3 ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014




Our science topic this term of rocks, soils and magnets lead some interesting investigation into devising a fair test and work together to test the solubility and durability of rocks. 


During the invaders and settlers topic great fun was had searching for Viking treasure, research and design and assembling Viking longboats.  History was brought to life on the visit to the Roman Legionary Fortress at Caerleon. 

Our DT project was to use mouldable materials to reate a stop-go animation inspired by  rap poem.

We have studied various myths and legends and are using the fabulous Internet based software Myths and Legends by Eb2n to create their own.


In RE we have looked at religious buildings from around the world and identified key features in many different religious buildings and how they differ.



We have started the term studying climates around the world ranging from polar to desert regions and the types of weather systems that affect these areas. Our art will relate to this topic studying a variety of artists who use hot and cold colours in their work. All classes have started to learn to play the recorder (good luck at home!) as well as learning to perform the Hakka. In English we have been investigating thesauruses as ways of improving vocabulary and generating a range of sophisticated sentences.