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Teaching Team from September 2018

Class Teacher Learning Assistant
2SP Mrs Palmer Mrs Watts
2CR Miss Romano Mrs Smith/Mrs Stallard

Mrs Garbett/Miss Hoare

Mrs Lannie
2CW Mrs Willerton Mrs Silver/Mrs Simpson

Additional TA Support Mrs Marshall Watkins/ Mrs Deane


Year 2 Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Smoothies Explorers Past & Present Deadly 60 mini films
Poetry/Story Writing Materials Textiles-Beanie Babies
The British Isles Multi-media Presentations Report Writing
Health and Growth Paul Klee & James Rizzi Plants and Animals
Winding Toys Limelight Larry Contemporary Sculpture
Weather/Holidays Developing Team Games Our Local Area

Surgery Times

If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm on the following days.

2SP Mrs Palmer  - Tuesday
2GT Miss Romano
 - Tuesday

2GW Mrs Garbett/Mrs Hoare- Tuesday or Thursday

2CW - Thursday




Please follow the link below to access the Government leaflet for parents with a child in year 2 at primary school.  It explains the arrangements for the 2016 academic year, highlighting what parents need to know about the test results, as well as explaining how teacher assessment judgements work.





In math's we have been developing our reasoning skills and continue to focus on number placement, multiplication and division.


We have been exploring the text of Lime Light Larry in English, creating our own wanted posters and character descriptions.  We each made a feather for our wonderful class peacock.  





"There was once a wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten that was filled with all the things that no one wanted." So begins Helen Ward's tale of the Tin Forest.  The children have also loved studying this text and were amazed to find one day that their own forest school area had been transformed.








We are starting our art and history topic which is linked to building architecture through the ages.  We will be studying the designs of James Rizzi, and Paul Klee.









Our key text in English has been How to Wash Your Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson Illustrated by Kate Hindley. We will be choosing our own animal to produce instructional writing.


Running alongside our instructional writing the understanding of sequence and decomposition will be relevant as we tackle our first coding exercise of the year.



Healthy Eating science topic will look at what humans and animals require to be healthy. We will choose fruit , make and evaluate a smoothie. We enjoyed the poetry of Michael Rosen’s Mad Meals.




Everyone had fun manipulating fruit and veg onto a photo of themselves to create a work of art in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo using Microsoft Publisher to teach the skills of saving work, resizing objects, copy and paste and layering.




In maths we have revisited place value and addition of two digits using partitioning.


Our History and Geography topic is Seaside Holidays. We have compared popular holiday destinations past and present, clothing, transport and entertainment.









Our art work has linked in with sketches of beach huts and we are experimenting with watercolours.


Continuing with our focus on instructional writing we have loved the fabulous text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson.








Our DT project has been to create a windup toy based on the book The Light House Keeper’s Lunch Box and his famous  zip wire.



We have also used this text to ask Mr Grundy questions, created our own story hills, alternative endings and enjoyed drama to act out the sequence of the story






During the summer term we study the life of Christopher Columbus and the impact his exploration had on the world.  We compare his journeys to those of our own modern explorers, Ellen McArthy, Tim Peake and Helen Sharman, who will be using the most up to date modern technology compared to the navigational maps that were available to Columbus, not to mention a creaking ship to a space ship!!


We have compared the lovely texts of The Monster Machine by  Nicola L Robinson and The Monster Zoo by  Amy Sparkes and Sara Ogilvie.  We are created our own monsters written character descriptions, instructions on how to make your own monster and questions we would like to ask one.








We have visited the Avoncroft Museum to finish off our geography project looking at different types of buildings.










In science we will be: going on a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds; understanding a simple food chain; identifying plants and animals in their habitats, including micro habitats and comparing the characteristics of living and non-living things.


Also this term is our exciting and much, loved Deadly 60, mantle. We will be researching a variety of animals who have exceptional skills, writing non-fiction texts, and visiting All Things Wild.


In computing we will be learning about branching databases.  We will understand how clear and concise questions enable us to sort and identify objects.  We will be learning how to work safely on line when researching our Deadly 60 and why it is important not to copy other peoples work (plagiarism).


We will be using excel to generate graphs from our own recorded data and continue with learning how to become computational thinkers and applying this knowledge when we are coding.





We have been exploring the text of Lime Light Larry in English, creating our own wanted posters and character descriptions.   We each made a feather for our wonderful class peacock. Great fun was also had writing the alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood!  This story has linked through to our dance in PE.






Our art and history topic has been closely linked to building architecture through the ages. We have loved the designs of James Rizzi, a modern pop artists of many talents, and are now creating our own cubes in his style. Here is our interpretation of his Castle and the Sun.








In science we have looked at the properties of materials and created a bank of describing words to identify them e.g.  dull, hard, waterproof, flexible, soft.  Children undertook an investigation with Troll Icepops who had travelled from the artic and needed to find a way to stay frozen.  They chose a variety of materials and considered how to conduct a fair test. 


For their weekly homework the children collected a variety of materials and stuck them onto cardboard  to create a lovely array of colourful pirate outfits.




We will also be enjoying a visit to Avoncroft Museum where we will be able to explore a variety of buildings both old and new.



The art topic has also included studying the work of another contemporary artist, Paul Klee, in particular ‘Taking a line for a walk’ and looking for the hidden animals.


In music we have been looking at expression, dynamics and sound effects.


We have continued to develop our coding skills using the block coding software Discovery Coding. We have an understanding of what an algorithm is and why the skills of design, abstraction, recognising pattern and evaluation are great life skills which can be applied to many activities.




We are well underway with this terms topics at the start of a very busy year.  Thank you for your support with the children's homework and spellings.


We have enjoyed the performance poetry reading of Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake and The Day the Zoo Escaped.  In creating our own poems we have been using verbs and adverbs to improve our own writing.




This terms mantle has been to create our own Smoothie Company.  Groups have chosen the name of their company, slogans and strap lines.  We will be visiting the Co-op to select fruit and understand the weight and monetary value of items.  This will culminate in making, tasting and evaluating our own smoothie recipe.


When creating instructions we have looked at the use of imperative verbs and time connectives e.g. Mix the ingredients then add the water.


Also to support our instructional work we have played with and created our own board games.


We have appreciated the importance of healthy food to ensure our bodies receive the goodness required to stay well and grow.


Our vets afternoon was such fun as children considered the basic animal needs for survival, care, warmth, air, food and water.



Our visit to the Birmingham Think Tank gave more opportunities to explore the human body and the wonderful science garden


We are also becoming tour guides learning which countries make up the British Isles and research outstanding features we would recommend to others.



We have studied the lovely text  The Light House Keeper's Lunch.  We have written down our own ideal healthy lunch box.  Created new endings for the story and produced our own collages of the lighthouse.




In DT we created our own winding toys with a working mechanism based on a Christmas theme.


Linking our fruity topic to art work we looked at the portraits by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  We divided colouring work into four quadrants and worked as a team to match the colours.   We also used Publisher software to create our own alternative versions.









Please visit this excellent educational website which the school subscribes to allowing all pupils free home access.  The logon details are the same as those used to logon to the computers in school and should be familiar to your child.  All activity is recorded, please encourage children to use it responsibly, it is a valuable learning tool.


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