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Year 6 ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013

This term will be full of contrasts for Year 6.  Children will continue to work hard preparing for SAT’s and a smooth transition to high school. We are looking forward to a creative curriculum with topics such as mountains, inspirational people, Pop Art and not to mention the Year 6 school show.
Stand Up for Shakespeare

Many thanks to Mrs Webb for choreographing a dance piece and the children for a fabulous performance when they represented our school at the event organised by St Mary's School. The drama based show was the result of the recent Royal Shakespeare Company's Stand Up for Shakespeare manifesto, which called upon schools to get children involved in Shakespeare at an earlier age. 
Following the 'Worcester Trail' homework task children selected a building of historical or architectural note in Worcester and recreated them during D.T. with stunning results.

We welcomed children and teachers, from L'Ecole Adriatique in Rheims (the champagne region of France), to experience a day in the Life of Northwick Manor.


The children have been corresponding using email, letters and powerpoint during last term and it was a wonderful opportunity for them extend their friendships.  The French children enjoyed a tour of the school and compared it their own factilities.  They do not have the huge grounds we enjoy nor interactive whiteboards and computer suites.


We are hoping to purchase some webcams and continue our connections with the school.

Rehearsals and preparations are well underway for the school show.  Staff were delighted that the majority of children had auditioned for parts and that there was a great deal of talent to choose from.


Congratulations to our Year 6's with two performances under their belt  the cast of 2013 have entertained the school and parents with the exciting 80's Rewind show.


West Mercia Police set up a crime scene in the school hall.  Children enjoyed trying to establish the cause of death and an opportunity to chat with 'real life' forensic officers and our local community police.  There was also an opportunity to do their own bit of forensic testing and have their finger prints taken.


SAT's Session 21st March 2013.  If you were unable to join us at the meeting please find a doucment at the bottom of this page which outlines the main discussion points.
This term we are building on our knowledge of our countries history focusing on the civil war in which Worcester played an important role.
Why not visit on foot or on the internet some of the fabulous buildings and areas in our City such as the Commandry, Fort Royal Hill, Cathedral, Guildhall and the Hive to extend your knowledge of the impact of the civil war on Worcester
In art we will be honing our sketching skills and visiting some of the beautiful old buildings in Worcester to try and replicate their structures on paper.
Part of our English lessons will be studying Shakespeare and non fiction books. Here are some of our sketches, we will be studying a playscript later on.
We are studying Sikhism this term. Here are our Gurdwaras and guides information.
The term is well underway after our trip to the Severn Valley Railway and our exciting French week in school and abroad. Things are settling down now and the children are getting used to their new classes and routines.

Being a Year 6 pupil: it is important that the children develop their organisational skills and independence and take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. We aim that their last year at Northwick Manor Primary School will be one that they will always remember and provide them with a sound platform for the transition to High School

Head Boy & Head Girl
Miss Williams decided this year that she would like to have two ambassadors to represent our school. All Year 6 children were invited to apply for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl. To make the selection absolutely fair we used 'good old' tipex to ensure the shortlist was completely anonymously. Twelve candidates were requested to give a four minute presentation to their peers in assembly explaining their suitability and what they could bring to the role. We had the most amazing array of presentations delivered with such professionalism everyone deserved to be a winner. Each candidate received a book voucher in recognition of their efforts. Year 6 children voted for their chosen representative. The successful candidates term of office will run until July 2013.

Our Design Technology project has been making door stops.  Here are some of our fabulous designs.
The Severn Valley Railway - September 2012
The week beginning September 10the saw Year 6 travel back in time to 1939 and the outbreak of World War 11. Each class took a turn to dress up as World War II evacuees and travel to Bewdley Museum. The children looked brilliant in their authentic looking outfits!
Once there we were entertained by our group leader who skilfully, and with lots of humour retold the story of what it was like to be a child in wartime. We looked at arte facts including gas masks, ration samples and sirens. A highlight was the opportunity to go down into a preserved Anderson shelter once belonging to the wartime Bewdley post office. The children listened to stories of what families would take down to the shelters to help time pass and stay comfortable such as card games, warm clothes and drinks.
From the museum still in role we walked to the Severn Valley Railway station where we boarded the steam train imagining we might be leaving home for the country where we would be safe from falling bombs. We took a scenic journey to Kidderminster. The children sang wartime songs and had a taste of what first class travel would have been like for the privileged.
It was a great learning experience and will very much support our work in school Thanks to all parents for supplying such wonderful outfits for the children to wear.
WW2 Coffee Morning - What a lovely atmosphere.

Year 6 spent time entertaining family and friends and raising funds for British Legion and Help the Heroes. Guests were treated to renditions of war time songs and displays of the Lindy hop. The children's wonderful models were on display and best of all homemade cakes and cups of tea, all frightfully 'British'.
Children have cooking potato cakes, carrot cookies and egg less sponge using recipes adapted during the war to cope with food rationing.
French Trip
On September 17the 59 Year 6 pupils and 7 members of staff set off in the early hours of the morning to go on their residential trip to France. They boarded the ferry at Dover and arrived at the PGL Site - Château De Grande Romaine, Paris just in time for tea.
After unpacking the children were given a guided tour of the centre and did their first evening activity which consisted of making crepes and an egg challenge.
On Tuesday the children visited a local market in the town of Romaine where the children were able to practise their French by ordering a selection of cakes in the patisserie. In the afternoon they visited a local chocolate factory. Here they learned how the chocolates were made and best of all they were able to sample them!
This was followed up on Wednesday when the children spent the day in Paris. In the morning they climbed the Eiffel Tower followed by a boat cruise along the River Seine in the afternoon.
On Thursday the children visited Disney Land and were lucky enough to meet many of the Disney characters as well as sample many of the exciting and exhilarating rides!
Finally on Friday the children packed their bags and set off for their journey home. En route they stopped off at the Canadian War cemetery at Vimy Ridge and were lucky enough to visit the WW1 trenches and see the construction and restoration of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.
This was a fantastic and informative trip and definitely gave them an insight into French culture. Finally we would like to thank all the parents for their support in making this trip possible.
French Week
Our remaining Year 6 children enjoyed a fun filled French themed week. Activities included researching French speaking countries, building Eiffel Towers out of newspaper. Cooking and eating crepes. Recreating famous French artists paintings. They practised their boules in readiness for the grand challenge which sadly didn’t take place – Parce qu'il a plu!. Alors. Angleterre!
They created French menus and set up a French style café where all the waiters and customers spoke French and best of all got to eat loads or delicious French fayre.

We have been studying microbes. Our experiments have shown us the best conditions under which to cultivate mould and were amazed at what it looked like under the microscope.