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Teaching Team from September 2018

Class Teacher Learning Assistant
RAW Mrs Argent/Mrs Webber Mrs Hood
RVR Miss Racic Mrs Churchill
RTS Mrs Shipley Mrs Meacham

Additional Teaching Support Mrs Warwick/Miss Ritter


EYFS Topics

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Elmer the elephant Shape Weather
The Gruffalo Snail and the Whale Mini Beasts
All about me and my family Transport -Water Land Air Tennis
Funny bones and skeletons Giraffes Can't Dance Tricky Sounds
Autumn and Hedgehogs Great Pet Sale  

Surgery Times


If you have a specific issue you wish to discuss with your child's teacher they will be available either between 3.15pm - 4.00 pm or 8.00-8.30 am on the following days. You do not have to book an appointment.

RMW Mrs Warwick and Mrs Argent- Wednesday am
RSP Mrs Shipley/Mrs Peever -Tuesday pm

RVR Miss Racic - Tuesday pm









We have a wonderful display of homework returned after the Christmas break.   The make or bake challenge was hugely supported and the children spoke enthusiastically about their own personal activity.  Thank you to all the adults who supported the children, we hope you enjoyed it.






This children have thoroughly enjoyed their transport topic with super supporting texts, Whatever Next, role play and creating our own vehicles with a variety of objects. 




We have been supported by Dancefest this term who have led the dance sessions and created  a superb space dance.







In our All About Me topic we enjoyed the stories of Elmer the Elephant and talked about celebrating differences.  We have discussed our likes and dislikes and what qualities make a good friend.  We know to share how we feel and to look at other people’s facial expressions to interpret their how they are feeling. 




We have looked at our bones and learnt how exercise and healthy eating are important to keep them strong.  We have also talked about our senses.






We have been on an autumn walk collected fallen leaves and identified the changes that are taking place.  We will be creating a collage with our autumnal collections.




In maths we have looked at patterns and shapes, measuring and are about to start weights not to mention all the counting we have been up to!!


The children loved their superheros topics.  We decided which superhero we would like to be and looked at the characteristics they would display.  There was lots of very convincing role play!!!


Bonfire night gave us an opportunity to discuss how to stay safe and produce some super poetry displayed with our own illustrations.



Our computing we have been honing our mouse skills and the focus has been to question images we may see on the internet.  Understanding that images may have been manipulated using software or green screen apps.  We have also used paint to create our own pictures.




The wonderful text of Room on a Broom was used as a writing stimulus.




What a lovely end to the term as the children showcased their acting and singing talents as they performed the nativity story to the whole school and family.  







We have many exciting topics this term.  We have looked closely at lifestyles, those of humans including animals and plants.  We were very successful in growing our own cress from seed.   We looked at the circle of life for frogs from eggs through tadpoles to frogs. 




Our trip to Bishops Wood allowed us an opportunity to study a variety of animal habitats and we were very fortunate during the pond dipping to find a Great Crested Newt a species which is now legally protected as a result of its declining numbers.









They also enjoyed a visit from one of our arachnia friends!!   No we didn't hold her, this is a molted skin.




We organised a picnic and invited children to join us for an afternoon of fun.  The Royal Wedding themed party included dressing up and afternoon tea!





We read the story of Mrs Mopple's Washing Line and enjoyed out role play and linked this to weather and the type of clothes we would choose for differing conditions.  We also used thermometers  in Maths to read temperatures.




We also studied maps and began to understand how different countries climates can be we have also painted national flags of football teams involved in the World Cup.



During our Princess and Knights topics we looked at a variety of castles and considered their construction which led to designing and creating our own  in a variety of mediums.  We  studied traditional Princes and Knight tales and thought about good vs bad and how conflicts were resolved.


We invited the children from local nurseries and playgroups to join us on a Teddy Bears Picnic.


We have started our very popular dinosaur topic.  We will identify a variety of these animals, learn the difference between fiction and non fiction text and look at the differences between the landscape of our planet when they walked the earth compared to today.



We will be visiting Bishops Wood to support our Mini Beast topic.  We have been busy in the school grounds searching for mini beasts and counting their legs to identify which belong to the insect family. 




This term we have enjoyed the text of Giraffes Can't Dance, Giles Andreae (author)  Guy Parker Rees (illustrator), and the morale of being kind to each other.  We have also created some wonderful African silhouette paintings.  We have also enjoyed The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson  (author),‎ Axel Scheffler (illustrator) and looked at the descriptive writing in the book.


The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen (author/illustrator) will lead us into our money topic where will be learning to recognise coins and understand their worth.




In the coming weeks we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes in the world around us and understanding their properties and how many corners they have.


We had great fun with our transport topic.  Our science link was the 'floaty, sinky' transport.  Each of the classes became a holiday destination which everyone visited.










All the children have settled in well and are becoming more independent when organising their coats, book bags and learning to sit quietly and listen carefully to instructions.


We have enjoyed our work on Room on a Broom and Super Heroes.  We are working on fine motor skills in our handwriting.


Our All About Me looked at how we have grown up and how we are all different especially Elmer the Elephant!




We have talked about our likes and dislikes, what we are good at and what qualities makes a good friend.


We have also looked at our own family tree.




Healthy eating is very important to maintain strong bones and organs and we have considered what are the best things to eat.



We held our anual Scarecrow Day and were visited by all of the school as they admired our scrarecrows and joined us for juice and biscuits.  Thank you to everyone who helped the children produce such amazing works or art.










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EYFS classes will be participating in Forest School this year. 

Whatever the weather...........!!!!







We will advise you when Forest School sessions are to begin.  We hope to start after half term once the children have settled in, however they will definitely be on a regular day after Christmas.




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